Thursday, 28 June 2012

Diabetes fail!!!!

This episode occurred a couple of weeks back. Saturday mornings in our house are always quite chaotic. I had always said that the children would not take part in activities that occurred at the weekend, however things haven't quite turned out like that and now my eldest daughter has a tutor on a Saturday morning. So, we had a busy day planned, the fire station were having an open day and I was taking the children with my friend and her two girls. I had got them all up, Samuel had checked his blood and his level was on the low side, not hypo, but I decided that I would give him his injection after he had eaten his breakfast instead of before. They finished breakfast, I took daughter to tutor, came back, loaded the dishwasher, put some washing on. It was then time to collect from tutor, so I did, came back and got everyone ready to go to the fire station. I had decided to buy them Mc Donald's for lunch, so off we went. Now, the more observant among you have probably already noticed my error.... We sat down to eat, Samuel tested his blood 26!!!!!!! Yep!! I had forgotten to give Samuel his insulin with his breakfast!!! DIABETES FAIL!!!!