Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lets spread the word........

Today marks the end of diabetes awareness week, this year I haven't made a fuss and I haven't written about it. I don't really know why I've let it pass unnoticed, I've maybe pushed it to the back of mind, I don't actively think about it 24/7. Don't get me wrong there really is no getting away from it, not with two of them in the house with it, but it's now just the norm for us.

I accept, that I appear to be fairly laid back about Samuels diabetes, but I'm like that generally, and I always have been. Obviously everyone deals with life events differently, and what is right for one isn't always right for another. However, I do find myself getting rather agitated, and here's why. I don't understand why some people perceive others as ignorant if they question something to do with type 1 diabetes, or they believe something to be true when it isn't. Clearly the media have a huge part to play in what people believe to be true as they very rarely distinguish between the different types, and yes this does annoy me......a lot!! That said, unless something actually affects you why would you know? There are thousands of children's conditions / diseases out there, what makes 'our' one so special.
As a parent of a type 1 diabetic child we can think that we have it tough, and I totally agree its not easy, but lets take the time to be thankful for the children that we have. Lets also take the time to learn about other conditions, and have the understanding for others that we are desperately seeking for ours. Lets use the platform that we have, and use the audience that we have on our campaign to make people awareness of not just our fight, but the fight that parents of children with other conditions have.

Here's mine:
I have a good friend who I've known for about 8 years, her name is Maria. Our children went to nursery together, and then moved to to primary school together. She is, without doubt the bravest woman that I know, and feel blessed, and I feel proud that she is my friend.
6 years ago her son, (her only child) was diagnosed with DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy). For these of you that don't know this is an inherited (genetic) condition which affects the muscles, causing muscle weakness.
About 1 in 3500 boys in the UK are born with DMD, and the average life expectancy currently is 27 years old.
27 years old, that is no age at all!! As time goes on, and each year passes, it gets harder, it's not going to get better.
If you were to meet her, you would see the most cheerful, and smily person. She is positive most of the time, lets face it none of us can be positive ALL of the time.
She, like me does her bit to raise awareness, although she does mad things like swims with sharks, and throughs herself out of planes........ seriously she's crazy!! (I will stick to my running!)
So, my followers, and those of you that read this blog take the time to read up about this condition, and help my friend spread the word about DMD.

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