Saturday, 12 September 2015

Preparing for change.

I don't like change! There, I've said it. I like order, I like schedules, I like routine. I don't like not being in control, some may even say I'm a control freak and I would have to agree.
The problem is Samuel is approaching 11 and is in year 6 at primary school....his last year. He has had type 1 throughout his whole time at Westwood Academy, he was diagnosed during the prep group. I have to say the school have been amazing, all the staff know him and he has been well supported.  When he leaves in the summer he will not only be leaving the school, he will be leaving all the support from them. Secondary school is a whole other ball game, the school he will hopefully be going to is huge! This is a big concern for me, it will be much more walking during the day from one class to the the next. What will he do if he feels unwell during lesson time? Who will be there to look out for him?
We went to look round to as it was their open day, my oldest daughter already attends this school so was on hand to show us round. Samuel loved it, and can't wait to go. He wanted to look at the science rooms and the maths rooms. The main person I wanted to see though was the school nurse. I was after some reassurance.
She was lovely!! As soon as I told her he was type 1 she said 'Thats  not a problem we have several diabetics in the school' great start. I then told her that Samuel pumps, her eyes lit up. 'Does he? I've seen one before'  Samuel got the pump out and was telling her all about it. They were chatting away and she said to him 'I can't wait for you to start, I love a new bit of kit.'
I then had a few questions....he gets a medical pass which means he can leave the class if he needs to, he can test whenever he needs to, if he is too low to make his way to the medical room the nurse goes to him. I got my reassurance.
So, in June, before the two day induction we will meet up, I need to tell her what I want and what I expect from them, and she will tell me if it's possible.

The next thing for me to do is release the reins slightly and hand over some of the control to Samuel.....that can wait a few more months though, I'm not ready for that just yet.