Tuesday, 19 July 2016

A letter to school

We only have three more days left at primary school. I've been dreading this moment for the last year, it has caused me endless worry. We have been so protected within the Westwood Academy bubble that venturing outside is scary.
Below is a copy of the letter which I wrote and gave to the Head earlier today, I wanted to make sure that he had seen it before I broadcast it online.

Dear Mr Archer and staff,
   Sometimes the words Thank You are all that are needed, this is not one of those times. Thank You doesn't seem enough, it does not do justice to the way in which as a school you have cared for Samuel.
    He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009 just as he started Prep group. As a school you didn't bat an eyelid. He was Samuel and would be starting school in September just like everyone else within the group.
    When he started in Reception the rest of the class already knew about his diabetes, they all knew that if they thought he looked poorly that they should tell someone. That is still the case now, they still look out for him.
    When he moved from two injections a day to four you embraced the change. It meant that a member of staff would have to be trained to give it, you had at least six people trained, even those who were needle phobic put themselves forward. When in Year 1 he played tricks on you by saying he was low just to get a juice you kept him in school, even though we all aged during that time.
     When I made the decision to move his care so he could have an insulin pump again you embraced the change, even taking time out of the school holidays to go to London to be trained so that when he returned in September at least two of you were ready.
     You have gone above and beyond what many schools do, nothing I have asked for has ever been a problem. Samuel has never been prevented from doing anything at school, you have never made him feel different, it's always been just one part of him. I've always felt that if he wasn't at home with me then school was the safest place for him to be. In the seven years that he has spent with you I have never had to worry, I knew you were taking excellent care of him, for that I am eternally grateful. I could not have asked for more.

All I can say is "Thank You"

Thank You for keeping him safe.
Thank You for allowing him to not be defined by his condition.
Thank You for keeping me sane.