Saturday, 15 March 2014

5 years in......

Diaversary.......diagnosis day........d day, whatever you call it....we call it diabetic birthday, today is that day.
5 years ago today diabetes entered our lives again, Samuel was 4. If you follow my blog you will know this already but for those who are new to it I will give a quick recap. My husband was diagnosed at the age of 22, so thankfully when Samuel started showing signs we knew what we were dealing with. That said it was still a huge shock to us, and it was still a lot to take in. He was never admitted into hospital and he never got the chance to get really sick, for that I will always be thankful as many are not so lucky.
So here we are.... Lots has changed, we move from twice daily injections, to multiple daily injections and now the pump. Have things got easier? The short answer is no, nothing is ever easy where type 1 diabetes is concerned. What does happen though is it becomes normal, well normal to us anyway, we are used to carb counting, insulin measuring and blood glucose testing. We have gained great support from the CWD online community, we have met some wonderful people and I'm sure this will carry on for many years to come.
However, this year is tinged with sadness, this year we have tipped over and Samuel has been diabetic longer than he hasn't. He has spent more than half his life injecting insulin, more than half his life counting carbs and measuring bg levels, and if I'm honest it sucks. But this is the hand we have been dealt, Samuel is an awesome young man, he is shining at school and he doesn't let his condition stop him from doing anything so actually I think we are really quite lucky, as it really could be a whole lot worse.