Sunday, 4 August 2013

I'm thinking ignorance is bliss!!!

Ignorance is bliss?
Now this is not something that you would usually hear me say. I truly believe that knowledge is power, and armed with it anything is possible. However, Samuel and I went sensor training on Friday, and as his care is with UCLH he is funded for 10 sensors a year. As he has been pumping for almost a year now I thought it was time for us to try them, also his levels have been all over the place recently, I think we may have a bit if a growth spurt going on, although we are also in the school holidays which is ALWAYS a bit of a nightmare.
We came away with Samuel looking more like the bionic man, with the pump attached on one side and the sensor on the other, and the thing hasn't stopped alarming since. The thing with testing only five or six times is that you only get a snapshot of what is going one, the levels could be within range at these times and that makes us believe that the control is good, and we feel great! We are winning, we are in control not the diabetes, and that's where sometimes we are completely wrong!
The last two days have been a complete nightmare and a real eye opener! I thought we were plodding along quite nicely and things weren't too bad, how wrong was I! We have had high levels most of the time, yesterday he did not get below 10 until about 8pm, and then started rising again most of the night. Today has not been much better, it started good, but this afternoon has been constantly rising and now it it has dropped like a stone!

The sensor  is a fantastic bit of technology but after two days of rather annoying numbers part of me thinks I'd rather not know!!