Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Pump upgrade......

Firstly, a quick apology.... life has been so busy the last few months I've not had a chance to pause for breath let alone write my blog....sorry.

Anyway, back in August Samuel got a pump upgrade. I know you are probably comparing this to a phone upgrade and you would be right. We looked at the pumps that were available to him and decided that we would stick with Medtronic and go for the 640G. We also had a few conversations with our pump buddy family and were pleased to find out that Kita was also opting for the 640G. We were equally happy that we could go for training on the same day as we hadn't managed to link up our appointments for ages.
The training day arrived and we went up to UCLH armed with a new sensor inserted, ready and slightly excited. There were four families upgrading so it was nice to meet two other families. After a few hours of training and the pump being set up to meet Samuels needs we were set free with our new bit of kit.

The 640G has a function on it which as far as I am concerned is a complete game changer, its called safeguard. This function when used with the sensor can prevent a hypo taking place. It sensing when the blood glucose levels are dropping and stops the pump from delivering insulin. Once the levels reach a 'safe' level the pump restarts. This in theory prevents the rebound high that can follow the hypo. This function is amazing, it also is reassuring during the night when Samuel is sleeping. It can be hard sometimes though to sit back and allow the pump to do its thing and not intervene.
Our plan now is to see if we can get full time funding for sensors so that we can take full advantage of all of the functions that the pump offers.
One step closer to the artificial pancreas.