Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Missing........Samuels hypo awareness!

It appears that Samuel has misplaced his hypo awareness, actually his hyper awareness seems to be lost as well. Saying that he never really has had much hyper awareness. I just know when he is high as he is more irritating than his usual 9 year old boy self. You know what it's like.....he won't listen, do as his told, jumping around more than usual, the attention span of a goldfish, and generally I have the strong urge to shake him! That or push him through a wall, but I'm not allowed to do that ;-)
He did however recognise the fact that he was going low. He couldn't really describe it he would 'just feel low'.
The other week though we were sitting down to dinner and I had asked him to test.....1.5!! This is the lowest bg we have had since diagnosis. Up until he saw the number he was fine, he was playing with his sisters, once he saw the machine this changed and he got all emotional. It shocked me because it seemed to come out of nowhere. He hadn't been to his usual Friday night swimming lesson, he hadn't been charging around the garden. The pump was functioning correctly, it was all very odd, and the fact that it dropped so low without him knowing concerns and scares me. If he doesn't realise he is hypo and he isn't wearing a sensor then we are leaving it up to someone else noticing that maybe he doesn't look quite right! This is a huge ask of someone.
Thankfully at school we have a few people who do notice if there is something not quite right. One of them has been with Samuel since the start and can read him really the well, she knows when he is low. The others can usually tell when he is high as he is more 'jumpy' and can't sit still.
There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to these ladies, they do an amazing job keeping Samuel safe in school, and I have never had to be concerned about his health when he is there.
But...... If anyone does come across his hypo awareness could you please send it back this way, with it missing the whole diabetes thing is so much more complicated!!