Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's not fair !!!!!!!!

Now I would bet money on the fact that you think that this statement is about Samuel. It's not fair that Samuel is diabetic, however, that is not the case, and I would be richer :)
I am talking about the 'non-affected' siblings, but this statement would also be wrong. When someone in the family has type 1 diabetes the WHOLE family is affected. So, what I should say is the 'non-diabetic' siblings.
I have three girls as well as Samuel, the girls, so far show no signs of having diabetes. However, I find myself being just as strict with them and their food as I am with Samuel. I don't let them have food as freely as I used to. They can't have crisps or sweets just because they want to. I don't let them because Samuel can't. I won't let them sit and eat crisps and cake in front of him, it's not fair on him. But...... the reverse could be said. Is it fair for the girls to miss out? They don't have diabetes, so why should they follow Samuel's routine.

The way I see it, and I realise that not everyone will agree. The girls are not going to get ill by NOT eating cake, crisps, biscuits and sweets. Samuel could, and I am not willing to take that risk with his health. We live in a time where obesity is a huge problem, people, especially children are eating far too much junk. So, by reducing the amount the children eat can only be a good thing.
The children, all four of them, don't miss out completely. We still have desert, it just tends to be on the weekend, and we make adjustments to the insulin dose to counteract it. He still has crisps, he has them sometimes with his lunch, and he still has treats. He just doesn't have them ALL the time, which surely has to be a good thing.

So, am I wrong in what I do?
Am I being unfair on the girls for not allowing them to eat what they want? If I am, then what should I do? It's not fair on Samuel to sit and watch them have something that he can't.

Diabetes can be cruel!
It's NOT fair! It's NOT fair on anyone!


  1. It's not wrong, I do the same. Although there are some times my diabetic child HAS to have a few biscuits/ snacks. Like before bed, and at school whereas my other kids don't have these. I generally make sure they eat the same, so she doesn't feel so left out. We don't eat so much junk food as we used to. Gone are the lazy weekends were we ate crisps, sweets and watched movies! We have found ways around it now. And I think we are all generally healthier for it. :o)

  2. I don't have a diabetic child and I am fairly strict about sweets and crisps; we have cake for Sunday teatime, otherwise they get fruit or yogurt for dessert. Obviously it's a different matter on special occasions but I think my point is, don't feel bad; the girls are not missing out and will grow up all the healthier because of their diet. My kids think I'm not fair 'cos I won't let them endessly snack on rubbish. I just tell them I'm a mom, it's my job. Hugs. x