Friday, 11 February 2011

Diabetes........A blessing or a curse?

Last year when we saw the psychologist she asked me if there were any positives to Samuel being diabetic. The most obvious answer would be no! What could possibly be good about diabetes?
However, I believe that there are positives in every situation. Granted, they may be hard to find, easy to miss, but they are there, you just have to look hard enough. For example, our family as a whole probably has a more healthy diet than most. We don't have many 'bad' things in the house, and the children generally eat only at meal times, so don't 'graze' all day. Samuels health is monitored very closely by the hospital, we go every 2-3 months. His height and weight are monitored every time, and once a year has his blood taken, so if there was a problem it would be picked up sooner rather than later. The fact that we have one diabetic child means that we are on the look out for it in the girls, so, if one of them began to show any signs we could get it checked straight away.
The negatives will always outnumber the positives in my mind, but like I said at the beginning if you just dig deep enough, you will find your blessings.

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