Friday, 22 April 2011

Welcome to hypo city........

There is no doubt about it, this April has been fantastic weather wise. The sun has been shining for the whole school holidays, (well here in Essex it has) and this Easter weekend is set to be one of the hottest, if not the hottest on record. But what this glorious weather brings with it is nightmare blood glucose levels. Welcome to hypo city !!!!
Hypo city is where Samuel is currently residing and by looking at the comments from the online diabetic community I know that he is not alone. Its a place that is full of plummeting sugar levels, hypo gels, reducing ratios and families struggling to regain at the very least a little bit of control over the dreaded diabetes.
This is what has happened to Samuel today. He woke on a 6.8, now as numbers go, this was a good starting block for the day. However, it wasn't going to stay this way for long. We didn't quite make it to lunch time. Granted it was close, it was only half an hour away, I don't know why he came to test, because he said he was feeling ok. That's the thing with Samuel at the moment, he wants to test ALL the time. I think he wills it to be low, that way he 'can have something', those are his exact words. Anyway, he came in from the garden to test and it was 2.2!!!!! He had signs, he said that he was feeling ok, and if he had had his way he would have been in the garden still running around. So we treated with his orange juice, like we always do and because it was close to lunch time I made all of the children their lunch. I waited until about half an hour after he had eaten before I gave him his injection as he was still charging around the garden like a loon.
Half past three saw Samuel come in from the garden saying that he didn't feel very well. So we tested.....3.4, once again we reached for the orange juice. Hopefully we will make it through the night with decent levels, but like always, with diabetes, you can never be too sure.
Today's levels are not uncommon and whilst the weather remains warm they will continue. We all love the sunshine, and enjoy the warm days, but whilst you are sitting in the garden watching your children run around without a care in the world, think of those families stuck in hypo city. Those families struggling to keep those levels above 4, wishing, not for the first time that OUR children could play, could run around without feeling rubbish because their levels have crashed, having to come in, stop what they were doing, and having to wait for the levels to rise. Wishing that they could play without a care in the world, like ALL children deserve.


  1. Your not actually treating the hypo with orange you need to give him milk or lucazade then carbs to keep the levels up or they will keep dropping all day x

  2. I haven't made myself clear, I give orange to raise the level, then give him carbs to stabalise it x

  3. its the worst time of the year hot weather and birthday partys..... i live in dredd