Monday, 13 December 2010

Would you want to know?

A couple of months after Samuel was diagnosed I was looking through the JDRF newsletter that I get sent about a trial being run in Cambridge called D-GAP. It is looking at the antibodies of unaffected siblings of a diabetic child diagnosed under the age of 16. By looking at these antibodies we may discover how likely it is that the non affected sibling will develop diabetes.

The first phase of the trial required the sibling (who has to be over the age of 5), to dribble into a pot. Now, I have to admit that Olivia thought it was disgusting, however she did it, even though it took ages! The second phase required a trip to Cambridge to have a blood test done. Not everyone would be called back, and it was going to be completely random. Well Olivia got called back!

So off we went to Cambridge. When I originally filled out the consent forms they asked if I would want to know the results of the blood test, and I said yes. However, it did get me thinking, did I REALLY want to know? What would I gain from the results?
We caught Samuel's diabetes really early, we knew the signs, my husband has been diabetic since 1996. We often randomly test the girls ourselves, I know we probably shouldn't but I bet all of us parents with diabetic children test. So why should I find out?

I think knowledge is power, to be forewarned is to be forearmed, and if I am honest I don't want others knowing something about my child that I don't.

When we went for the test I signed the form to say yes I want to know the results. Olivia was very good at having her blood taken, she didn't make a fuss, and in three months time we will know how many of the three antibodies that they are looking at Olivia has. Hopefully she won't have any, and the likely hood of her going on to develop it will be low. However, the results show otherwise then we will be on the lookout for the signs, like we aways do, randomly test, like we always do, and treat her the same, like we always do.
If she does go on to develop type 1 diabetes then so be it, but we will be ready, and we won't let it beat us.
We do want to know......... but......would you?

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