Wednesday, 1 December 2010

This really annoys me!! Diabetes is rarely mentioned!!

Now it could just be me, but there are some things that really annoy me about how little is known about type 1 diabetes.
For example, October is breast cancer awareness month, nothing wrong with that, but the media goes mad over it. Tickled pink is everywhere, everyone knows about the pink ribbon, we have the race for life. Don't get me wrong, breast cancer is close to my heart also, my mum was diagnosed two years ago. November is all about prostate cancer, with the normally clean shaven men growing the most strange facial hair! Again all for a good cause. The 1st of December is world AIDS day, everyone on the TV are sporting the red ribbon. These are but a few of the worthy causes that are advertised every day.

However, let's stop and think about this for a moment. How many times was type 1 diabetes mentioned in the media last month?
How many people know the relevance of the date November 14th?

For the record November is diabetes awareness month, November 14th is world diabetes day. Those of us with diabetes in our lives know this, and we turn things blue to mark the day, and try our best to inform people of our cause.

It would be nice for this disease to get more recognition, many people do not know the signs to look out for, they get it confused with type 2, and many don't understand the impact of having type 1 diabetes in the family. Not just for the person who has it, but for the WHOLE family!

So, my aim now, is to raise awareness wherever I go, because there are so many people, young and old who deal with this 'silent killer', there are children dying because they are not being diagnosed correctly, and there are parents, like me, who have to inject their children everyday with insulin, which doesn't cure them, it keeps them alive!

So, please, when you are reading about, cancer, AIDS, and the many other worthwhile causes in the media, remember us, on our own, with not much help trying to save our children


  1. totally agree and made worse by the fact our children a re often pink cheeked and running around like any other can they possibly be disabled!!