Sunday, 24 July 2011

School trips...The 'red' box..

The school trip is something that the children look forward to. The chance to get out of the classroom for the day. The chance to go on an adventure! That's true for Samuel, as long as you take the 'red' box. What's in the 'red' box? I hear you cry, tell me more!
The 'red' box holds all of Samuel's supplies, things that we need to take with us wherever he goes.
It contains:
  • Blood testing machine.
  • Spare box of testing strips.
  • 2-3 cartons of fresh orange juice.
  • Packet of biscuits.
  • Hypo gel.
  • Glucagon.
  • Insulin pens.
  • Spare needles.
Obviously, depending on where we are going I take a variation of the box. I wouldn't take all of that if we were popping to the shops, I would probably only take his machine. Although, being the forgetful type that I am I often forget to even take that!!

I have been on two school trips this week. The first was with Samuel, the rest of year 1 and reception. We went to the beach, and the trip involved lots of walking. Now apart from the worry that we might misplace a child, as they do like to wander off, the worry was that all the walking would initiate a hypo. It was ok though because I was armed with the 'red' box, just in case. Thankfully nothing was required from the box all day, well apart from his injection at lunchtime, oh, and a couple of biscuits for me, as in the excitement I hadn't made myself any lunch and I was starving!!! Samuels levels actually were on the high side, probably due to the excitement of going on a double decker bus and a train! Oh to be 6 years old!
The following day I went on a school trip to the zoo with Olivia and fellow years 4 and 5s, and minus the 'red' box. This was a much less stressful trip food wise. Although spending the whole day at the zoo with eleven 9 and 10 year olds, with too much attitude for my liking brings a whole different level of worries and stress.

On reflection, if the truth be told I enjoyed both trips, even if I did look like a pack horse with everything I was carrying on Samuels. All the children on both trips enjoyed themselves.
School trips are an important part of learning, and the children gain so much from them. Having type 1 diabetes obviously complicates things slightly, but its not impossible. All it needs is a little more planning, and me, armed with the trusty 'red' box!

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