Sunday, 8 April 2012

Left clinic feeling a little disappointed

Well, March has been busy in the Warrington household with regards to diabetes. So what follows will be a series of shorter blogs because each event deserves a title of its own.

Let's start with clinic *sigh* I have to admit I came away from this particular appointment feeling a little disappointed. Despite the night testing, the correction doses and really trying hard to get ontop of Samuels random levels his HbA1c went up! Not by much, 8.4 from 8.0, but still it is going in the wrong direction.
Yes, I know it is only a number, and yes, I know it is not a big leap, but any parent with a diabetic child will tell you that this number is a big deal, well it is to us! This number is what we feel we are being judged by. Who won this quarter? Did diabetes win or did we? Diabetes did! Has all the hard work, the carb counting, correction doses paid off? NO! Do I feel like I have failed? YES!!
I should point out that absolutely no one in clinic makes me feel this way, this is my own personal battle, mummy vs diabetes!!

We came away with only one change and that is moving Samuels lantus back from morning to evening, which is causing me no end of trouble, I keep forgetting!!

The other outcome from clinic is that they are no nearer to providing pumps, well I say no nearer I think that they have made some progress, and apparently Samuel is top of the list to have one, so we will just wait a little longer.

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