Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Summer Term 2011

The final half term of the school year is upon us. Six more weeks at school and the summer holidays will be here. Up and down the country children are counting down the days until 'no more school', and up and down the country parents are counting down the days for a completely different reason 'how am I going to entertain these children!'
However, as everyone is relaxing spare a thought for us 'D' parents, because in our world there'd is no relaxing and this part of the school year is very busy and very stressful.
The first thing to worry about is who the next teacher is going to be. Are they going to be understanding and realise how serious type 1 diabetes is. Now as I have said in previous posts I have no problems at all with Westwood. I know all of the teachers and whoever Samuel gets I am confident that there will be no problems, but there are still things that need sorting out. This brings me on to the second thing to worry about, the dreaded 'care plan.' This needs to be reviewed every year. Luckly for me nothing has changed since I wrote it this time last year, although I do need to have a look just to make sure.
The third thing is of course the meeting with the teacher to go over the care plan, which reminds me...... I must make sure I inform the teacher that Samuel has been known to play tricks with his machine and scroll back his numbers.
Finally there is the move from primary to secondary school. Thankfully Samuel is only in year 1 so I have a good few years before I have to worry about that. Although just thinking about it feels me with dread, because more of the control is handed over to the child.
So as school is winding down for the summer remember us, and the fact that even the most simple of events is made so much harder once diabetes is added to the mix.

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