Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to school.

I am sitting at home, all four children are bathed and in bed (they have been since 7....result!!), on the evening before they go back to school after the summer holidays. The usual things are going through my mind, have I got all e uniform? Are the pe kits ready? Have I remembered everything? I know that every parent up and down the country is thinking the same thing.
Then there isthe group of parents whose numbers are unfortunately increasing who have an additional set of things to worry about. Is the care plan complete? Have I packed enough test strips, glucogel, needles, insulin, juice, biscuits and orange juice? Have the bg machines been calibrated? Are the batteries working? Has everyone at school who needs to be trained been trained. Have I forgotten anything? Probably!
Now, I thought that I had been fairly organised. I took Samuels hypo box for his classroom, and his machine and insulin for lunchtime into school this morning. Oh yes! A day early! Check me out! Mrs organised 2011!I was there for a breakfast to celebrate that the school now has academy status. Anyway, whilst I was there I spoke to Samuels teacher and the teaching assistant who is going to be in his class. All is good. I left school and went to the supermarket to get supplies for lunch, and a thought pooped into my head. Does Samuel get a morning snack now he is in year 2? Or do I have to supply one? Will he still go to lunch at 12? Now, knowing what my memory is like...(rubbish) I thought it best to go back to school to ask my questions, the answers were... Yes he will, no I won't, and yes he will.
So, my point......everyone has lots to remember for the first day back at school after the holidays, but spare a thought for us parents with diabetic children, because what we have to remember can have serious complications if forgotten.

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