Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The reality of the first day back at school.

The children went back to school today, and they were ready. Actually they have probably been ready for about a week. For those of you that follow my blog you will have seen my post last night about getting everything ready.
Well this morning I have to say I was feeling prety smug, we were all up, had breakfast, teeth brushed, lunches made well within my 8:20 am deadline. Samuels blood glucose (bg) level was 6.6 all was good in the Warrington household. So, yes I was very pleased with myself as with four children mornings can be crazy. The only thing that dampened my mood was the fact that it was teaming down with rain!!The school run went smoothly, and I was soon back at home and catching up on Facebook. I was reading some of the threads in the type 1 groups that I am part of and people had been posting their children's morning numbers. Many of them were high, the parents concerned, so i was thankful for our level.
12 o clock arrives and my phone rings, I can see it is school, so I know there is a problem. 3.6!! As we have had almost 7 weeks off they were querying what to do. He had his lunch, we had a slight misunderstanding over juice, they didn't realise that juice in his lunchbox was sugar free. So at 12:30 he was still 3.6 so the phone rang again. We sorted it out and he was fine, and I am sure the only thing that would have worried Samuel was the fact that he couldn't go out straight away and play football.
Obviously we had a rebound level before dinner (15) but we had a rather lovely 8 before bed, back in range.
What today has showed is that diabetes is completely unpredictable, you can start the day with beautiful numbers but that doesn't mean it is going to stay that way. Maybe I won't be so smug tomorrow.

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