Wednesday, 30 November 2011

World diabetes day....who knew?

Today is the last day of Novemeber, this means that Diabetes Awareness Month is drawing to a close. You know that well known cause that we all know so much about, the fact that World Diabetes Day, celebrating the birthday of Frederick Banting, the man that discovered insulin, was on November 14th. The day when public buildings we lit up in blue lights to show support and raise awareness.....
Yes, you're right it didn't really happen in the UK, and this begs the question....why not? Why does no one know about it? Everyone knows that October is breast cancer awareness month and we are all 'tickled pink'
I have a few American 'friends' on fb, and it was lovely to see buildings, and fountains in Florida all lit up in blue. Most of us within the online diabetic community changed our profile pictures, we posted 30 facts for 30 days, but it really is preaching to the converted. What can we do to change it? In all honesty I don't know the answer, I don't know why it is not recognised in this country. What I do know though is it needs to change, so we need some ideas.
If you did something for World Diabetes Day post a comment, as I am truly interested in what you all did.

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