Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's so important to know the signs.....

Due the sad news that another young life has been lost to undiagnosed diabetes I feel that we need reminding what type 1 diabetes actually is and it's symptoms.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition. It is NOT caused by lifestyle habits and CAN NOT be prevented or cured by changes to diet or exercise.

A normal healthy body will keep blood glucose levels between 4 and 7 mmol/L (UK measurement) Insulin is the hormone that moves the glucose from the bloodstream into the cells where it can be used for energy. In type 1 diabetes these levels go outside the normal range. This is because there is either not enough insulin or none at all.
When these levels go too high the body will try and get rid of the excess glucose in the following way.
*The body will firstly try and getbrid of it by pushing it out in the urine, this results in the need to go to the toilet more often.
*Because of this there is an increased thirst.
*As the cells aren't getting the energy that they need tiredness occurs.
*The body still needs energy so it will begin to break down fat stores which results in weight loss.
*If this carries on for any length of time a build up of ketones occurs. These are toxic to the body and can cause the breath to smell of pear drops, stomach pains and ultimately loss of consciousness.

So, a recap... The common signs and symptoms are...

*Increase urination
*Increase thirst
*Weight loss

These symptoms occur rapidly, if left untreated death can occur, it really is as simple as that.
Numbers are rising at an alarming rate, with the fasted increase in the under 5s. More children are diagnosed each year with type 1 diabetes than meningitis...FACT..

Please learn the signs and you may just save a life!

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  1. Hi :)

    I have recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. My mum has been following you and you have inspired me to write my own blog for people around me age x