Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas 2011........we won!!!!

After the horrific numbers that diabetes dealt us in the last few days at school it was safe to say that the thought of dealing with it over Christmas left me with the thought of impending doom.
Samuel had had two Christmas parties at school, where like children do when given the opportunity, they stuff themselves with chocolate and biscuits. This had resulted in an evening of horrific numbers and a three hour wait for them to drop!!

Ask any parent, Christmas can be a nightmare. Too much food, eaten at completely different times, overindulgence of chocolate and all those goodies. Throw in type 1 diabetes and you have a whole lot of trouble on your hands.
Christmas morning started as you would expect in a flurry of present unwrapping and excitement, this obviously resulted in a delay in breakfast. I waited with baited breath to see the starting number, the number that would set us up for the day. There was the worry that the excitement may have made it rise....but no...we were in luck..7.9!!!! As Samuel would say....'back of the net!!'  This was a fantastic start to the day.  Christmas breakfast was no different to any other day so there was nothing to worry about.  I thought it may go slightly wrong around dinner time. Usually Samuel will have lunch at 12pm and dinner at around 5pm. However, I had planned to have dinner at half one, and tea at around half five. This could have proved disastrous I had expected hypos before dinner then  a rebound high, but no...none of that happened...level before dinner...5.7!! Another fantastic number. I decided to let Samuel eat his dinner first and give him his injection before his dessert, which actually seemed to work out fine. His level before his tea was 9.8, granted it was the higher end of good but still under 10 which is what I had hoped.
Samuel had a good day, he ate the same as everyone else, which included chocolate, candy canes, cheesecake, cheese, crackers and probably his body weight in pringles, but he stayed under 10, and no hypos!!! So, I  have a message for diabetes, you may make things more difficult for Samuel and the rest of us, I may have to carb count his food, and inject him four times a day, but you didn't spoil his Christmas did you!!!!!! He still had fun, we all did!!! Ha!!!

Merry Christmas everyone xxx


  1. well done Emma wish I could say thinds went as smoothly here but unfortunately thats a big fat no woke up Christmas morning yo Ketones of +1 and things just went downhill from there highs of 20's and 25's although today has been better :) xx