Saturday, 31 December 2011

Incorrect advice drives us potty!

For those of you that don't know there are two main charities that support diabetes. Diabetes UK, which everyone seems to know about, and the lesser known JDRF. Now, JDRF is my charity of choice, and I know that this is also true of most of the parents of type 1 children that I know. They deal with type 1 diabetes and are committed to finding a cure for our children.
Diabetes UK however, get us parents very cross. Never more so than when they make statements such as (I can't remember the exact quote) if you suffer a nighttime hypo, your body will respond and you will wake up. That was the just of it anyhow.
However, on Wednesday husband had to wake Samuel (he had had a slight lay in) he had a blood glucose of 2.9! He was hypo, he was not waking up by himself.
It doesn't bare thinking about what could have happened. Children and young people are dying due to dead in bed syndrome, which is thought to be caused by low blood sugars. Personally I think it is irresponsible to make such brash statements, dead in bed syndrome cases are rare, but that do happen, and parents should be told. It's not nice but you can't bury your head and pretend that it doesn't happen.
We are JDRF all the way...hope is in a cure.

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