Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pumping Insulin....

Samuel has been pumping insulin for a few weeks now, he went 'live' on Tuesday 7th  August 2012. We started this journey with another family, Magda, Ben and 7 year old Kita. Samuel and Kita became firm friends straight away, which was lovely to see as Samuel doesn't really know anyone his own age with type 1 diabetes, and I feel very lucky to have met Magda, it feels like I have always known her and it is lovely to have someone who is going through the same process at the same time. I have lots of support from the diabetes on line community, but it isn't the same.
Pump school had arrived very quickly for us as we were given a cancellation appointment, so although I had some idea of what it entailed I didn't really have a chance to get myself worked up about it. Olivia had made a countdown chart so that Samuel could cross off his remaining injections, and week were all, as a family excited. It would mean a better quality of life for Samuel, better control and more freedom.
The night before I have to say I had got myself in a bit of a state, even though I had been fighting for this for a long time I was overcome with nerves! What if I did something wrong? Did I push Samuel into it? Was it really the best thing to do?
I really shouldn't have worried, everything went really well!
Samuel loves his pump!! On our way home from the hospital we let him have a bar of chocolate, and he looked at us and said 'it's been so long since I have had one of these (mint aero) I can't remember what it tastes like' he enjoyed every mouthful!
He is a completely different child, he doesn't have the mood swings that he used to have as we don't have the huge blood glucose swings. His levels are much more settled, in the first two weeks I think he has only 4 readings over 14, which for him is amazing!

Was the fight worth it? Absolutely!
Was the two hourly testing worth it? Yes! (although I won't lie it was a killer!)

The team at UCLH have been amazing, the support for the first two weeks (daily phone calls) was fantastic, they have given me my son back.

My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!

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