Friday, 3 August 2012

Pumping saline!!

Now, I realise that I have been really slack these last few months with my blog, sorry, however I have some truly fantastic news.
I have wanted Samuel to have an insulin pump for the last year or so, he hadn't shared my want! We had been plodding along for three years, and I knew it was time for a change. Our local hospital do not provide a pump service so in order for us to get a pump I had to change Samuels care. This worried me to begin with. The DSNs had been fantastic since Samuels diagnosis and I almost felt if I was betraying them by going elsewhere, but I knew that if I wanted a pump for Samuel that I would have to do it. As luck would have it I work at the hospital that some say is one of the best in the country as far a treating children with diabetes, and the Prof is the best in his field. So I requested that we be referred.

It then went completely crazy and I was totally overwhelmed!

I had a phone call to say that we had an appointment on the 16th July '12 to meet the nurses. I had discussed this with Samuel and he was keen to go, although he had not confirmed that he was indeed going to have a pump. We went to the appointment and after sitting the the nurse, and playing with the play therapist Samuel gave us a double thumbs up!! We were then given an appointment to come back for Samuel to try a pump, to see what he felt about it being attached, if he could sleep with it etc. I was expecting the appointment to be after a couple of weeks, but no we went back on the 18th July '12. At that appointment we were told that there was a place for us at pump school on the 31st July '12 if we wanted it. This meant that Samuel would be pumping insulin on the 7th August '12!!
I was completely overwhelmed! I couldn't believe it was happening so quickly....
So, tonight as I write this,  Samuel is pumping saline! So far, so good!

We can't wait until next week!

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  1. Fab news :-) glad the hospital has been so quick at organising appointments and getting the pump for Samuel!
    Hope it goes well!