Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Clean it Out.

Here we are with day 3...What is in your diabetes closet that needs to be cleaned out? This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you're mentally or emotionally hanging onto.

Wow, these topics are really getting the old grey matter working.....

Let's see, our medicine cupboard is fairly packed, we have diabetic supplies for the husband. He is on mdi, so we have needles, test strips and lancets for him. The boy pumps, so we have test strips (glucose and ketones), insulin reservoirs, cannulas and batteries. I'm also quite sure in the back somewhere is some glucogel. Also in this cupboard is all the 'other' supplies that you need when you have children. Calpol, plasters, cough mixture, head lice lotion (ewww) the lid is endless. Oh there is probably some hair dye in there somewhere as well.
Shoved in the back of the top shelf is probably every glucose meter known to man. We have loads! None of them work, we have no test strips for them, the finger prickers have vanished, I don't know why we keep them. Also in the cupboard is a fairly large mason jar almost full with used test strips! Don't ask!!! Actually the reason we have this is quite good. I decided to try and get a visual representation of how many times in a year they both test. I started collecting them in January 2014, I'm not really sure where I'm going with it now.
The fridge isn't much better, we have four different insulins all in different forms....we have vials, pen cartridges and pre filled pens. We also have the glycogen injection in there.
Don't get me started on the test strips that don't manage to find their way into the jar. I've found them in my bag, beside my bed, in the car, the garden, the driveway, actually name a place and I've probably found them there!!

As for emotionally, I suppose I need to try and get rid of my anger towards my husband at times. I micromanage my sons diabetes. I weigh food, counts carbs, correct when needed, I work hard! The husband on the other hand doesn't eat properly, has no carb ratios, is not under the hospital, guesses insulin doses and his HbA1c comes in lower!!!! It's not fair!!!

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