Saturday, 9 May 2015

The First Sleepover

The day has arrived, I've been waiting for this day since Samuel was diagnosed in 2009. It's the day that every parent of a child with type1 diabetes dreads.........'the first sleepover!!'
Now, I'm the first to admit I'm fairly laid back when it comes to Samuels diabetes. He doesn't get asked often, but when he is invited to his friends for dinner or to play I always say yes. I find out before hand what dinner will be and I work out the carbs so that Samuel can enter into his pump.
Last year he went to the cinema for a friends birthday and he had a great time. There was a lot of carb guessing on my part but it went without a hitch. The way I see it these are isolated incidents, so if it results in some high readings then that's ok. It not all the time and I don't want him missing out on fun times with his friends, a bit of boy time. Remember he lives with three sisters, there isn't a lot of boy time in this house!
Samuel has been looking forward to this for the last week or so.......I haven't!
He got up this morning and packed his bag straight away as I'm sure all the other boys have. We have the onesie, the toothbrush, the clean underwear, the pillow and quilt..... Then of course the blood glucose machine, the ketone machine, spare strips for both machines, juice if he goes low. I did a set change last night and changed the battery in the pump.  I have complete faith in mum, he has been to this particular friends a few times. I think we are set!

Samuel will have a great time, I know he will..... I on the other hand will probably be a nervous wreck the whole night, and a few more grey hairs by morning.

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