Friday, 15 May 2015

Foods on Friday....

The title on this one says it all really, what does Samuel eat on a typical day? I have to say that in this house we are very much creatures of habit. We eat a lot of the same foods each week, it's easier to plan that way.

Breakfast: Usually he will eat a couple of slices of toast with either peanut butter, jam, or if it's the weekend then the chocolate spread comes out! If he decides it's a cereal kinda day then I'm afraid it's coco pops.

As a rule the children, all four of them don't snack. They have their three main meals and that's about it. Occasionally the biscuits may come out but not all the time.

Lunch: On a school day he tends to have a packed lunch unless it's a Wednesday. Wednesday is roast day on the school dinner menu. His packed lunch tends to be a cheese, ham and cucumber wrap, a yogurt, a piece of fruit, and 'something else' usually whatever I can find in the cupboard, on a Friday I let him take a bag of crisps.

Dinner: One of his favourites is sausage and mash, he also really likes gammon and mash. Actually he loves mash and would have it every day. He also likes pasta bake, a roast dinner, pizza, the list is fairly long. Today though it was inflatable day after school, lots of bouncy castles so we didn't really have dinner. There was lots of picking at picnic food. Not at all healthy today!

He is 10, he likes sweets, crisps and junk food. He loves a burger, and chips from the chip shop, and you know what I let him eat them! Just not everyday.
I generally say to him he can eat whatever he likes so long as I can carb count it before it goes in his mouth.

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